Overall Talent

DJ Experience: EST 2009
Artist Handle: DJ Smiley Bandit
Language: English
Country Origin: Australia flag Australia
Reside: Victoria, Australia


In the ever-evolving realm of music, DJ SMILEY BANDIT is a luminary whose journey began with a spark that ignited into a blazing passion. Embarking on a quest for glory in the illustrious 2016 Yourshot competition, DJ SMILEY BANDIT showcased not just potential, but a raw talent that would soon captivate audiences far and wide. The melody-infused odyssey of DJ SMILEY BANDIT traces back to the tender age of 13 when the intoxicating allure of a mixer first danced its way into his world. A tempestuous romance was born, and from that point on, music became his constant muse. Immersed in the mesmeriSing artistry of sound, he nurtured his craft with fervor, embracing diverse genres that spanned from the serene and soul-soothing to the pulsating beats that set dance floors ablaze.

DJ SMILEY BANDIT embodies that each day is an opportunity for innovation, each moment a canvas to paint new musical narratives. The adage 'practice makes perfect' resonates profoundly with him as he dedicates countless hours to refining his craft. Experimenting with uncharted techniques, he consistently explores uncharted realms to elevate his music and performance to new dimensions of excellence.


Brittany's 16th Birthday
Ereeny Makrides from Ferntree Gully, Victoria on 26th Aug 2023
The dance floor was vibing thanks to DJ Smiley, incredible tunes.
Matt Birthday Party
Matt Woodward from Malvern East, Victoria on 26th Aug 2023
The DJ's performance was absolutely phenomenal. The beats and vibes had everyone on the dance floor, creating an electric atmosphere that kept us moving all night.
Activation Launch
Natasha Hay from Officer, Victoria on 26th Aug 2023
Great service and very friendly team
Deep creek netball club
Deep creek netball club from Bulleen, Victoria on 26th Aug 2023
The team consistently goes above and beyond, they deliverd an awesome event for our club.
Carlotta's 13th Birthday
Anna from Richmond, Victoria on 20th Apr 2023
Our Daughters party was at our home an her friends had an absolute ball. The DJ played great music and very approachable.
$300.00 - $1,000.00 *
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